Renmark Ltd.

About Us

European marketing specialists for protective products.

Renmark Ltd. was founded in 1981, to service the needs across Europe, of increasingly discerning importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors, of superior quality household and industrial protection products.

Our specialized knowledge and activity led to the development of a fine range of hypoallergenic vinyl gloves for household and industry, and a range of superior quality British Standard rubber hot water bottles. To meet ever increasing safety and health standards present in the high quality segment of the market we service, our glove range has expanded to include chemical resistant, anti bacterial and skin moisturizing gloves as well as fine quality latex and nitrile items.

Through over 30 years of combined research and innovations we are proud to have achieved the highest levels of quality, comfort, safety, protection and healthcare comensurate with each of the products we supply.

Our uncompromising choice will remain to continue to provide our partners with the optimum quality in each of our chosen product categories. We understand that reputation is inseparable from quality for both our partners and Renmark Ltd.

How We Operate

At Renmark we understand that modern levels of competition demand cost reductions and inventory minimizing.

These in turn require stability of quality and efficiency of supply. Renmark operations are tailored to meet these needs for our partners and to allow them to avoid the pitfalls of dependency on manufacturing plants far removed from their markets.

The product quality concerns of our partners, and the efficient and punctual supply of their requirements are our priority. We have the skill and the knowledge as well as the permanent liaisons with our manufacturing bases to ensure our partners alleviate the problems of supply and quality inevitably linked to overseas buying.

Meeting our partners needs with the highest levels of efficiency and service, that allow them to concentrate totally on their markets, customers and reputation is our hallmark. Dependability, integrity and concern for our partners' needs constitute the foundations of Renmark operations.

Our Products